Move Over Bacon, There’s something better…Sizzlean!

I honestly don’t remember this commercial.  I remember the product, but not this, or any other commercial.  If that is the case, why review this commercial?  I remember some time ago, or at least I think I do, someone asking for this commercial.  Whoever you were, I can’t find your email, but if you are still visiting…this is for you!

There is nothing spectacular about this commercial.  It is a very standard informational commercial.  It explains it is like bacon, but healthier.  I myself never tried it, but from what I remember from the 80s, anything that claimed to be like something, only heathier, was usually pretty discusting.

It does have it’s corny catch phrase.  “Move over bacon, there’s something leaner.”  Not really spectacular.  Actually, I think it is rather lame, and I usually love these kind of things.

Well, below is the commercial from 1985.

In researching this add, I found one from 1978.  This one had actually had a jingle in it!  Kinda of lame, but I found this commercial much more entertaining than the previous one.  It caught my attention and kept it better.  This is why a good jingle, or even an average one as the case may be, can do a commercial well!

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

When ad agencies create adds, their goal is to make a commercial that is catchy and memorable.  The use of jingles is to keep it in your head and remind you of the product.  You really don’t see this art too much anymore, and when you do, the products are usually annoying.  But back in the 80’s and early 90’s, they were awesome!  One of the best commercials was for Chicken Tonight.

Chicken Tonight was created back in the early 90s and their commercial for it is one of the most memorable from that time period.  Anyone alive and watching tv will know this jingle imediately!  With someone singing “I feel like Chicken Tonight, like Chicken Tonight” and people flapping their arms like chicken, this commercial goes down as both favorite and dreaded commercal at the same time.

I have only great memories, because I just love the jingle.  It takes me back to the early 90s and all the wonderful memories of that time.  But I have talked to many people who absolutely hate this commercial.  I can see what they mean, it is kinda corny, but to me, that makes it great!  You don’t get these kind of commercials on a national scale anymore that work this well.

So, do you love it or hate it?  Leave a comment!

And All the Cheese Goes Blub Blub Blub, Ellio’s Pizza!

In advertising, you have to hook the customer and give them something to remember and hook that to you product, all in 30 seconds or less.  Commercials that do this can be remembered for a long time!  Time to Make the Donuts, Mikey Likes It, Oscar Mayer Balogna to name a few.  What they all had was a line, a hook, that was so ingrained in the commercial, the product, that when you heard the hook, you thought of the product, and many times, saw the product and remembered the hook.

In 1989, Elios Pizza came out with a commercial that is one of my favorite from growing up.  A “Hip” young boy is talking about his favorite pizza and how his older brother has to make it for him.  There is no catchy jingle, and the little boy though cute, isn’t very memorable.  What makes this commercial is one of the best hooks in all of commercials.

And all the cheese goes, blub blub blub.

Kids in school would quote this endlessly.  Myself with my friends would quote this all the time.  Too this day, I can’t think of Ellio’s Pizza and not think of the little boy going “Blub blub blub”.  Who cares if the pizza is square, and if his brother has to make it…”blub blub blub”  Yea, stupid and almost generic, but awesome none the same.  Watch this commercial and tell me that you will not think “blub blub blub” from this moment on whenever you see Ellio’s Pizza from now on and I’ll call you a liar!  I still to this day, much to the annoyance of my wife.  Now just have to get my kids on to it, and my life will be complete.

Hershey Kisses Happy Holidays Commercial!

Such a simple commercial, yet it brings so much pleasure to so many people. This is the Hershey Kiss Christmas commercial where the Kisses play in bell-choir fashion “We Wish you a Merry Christmas.”

This commercial has been around since either the late 80s or early 90s. I’m not sure exactly when, but it feels like this has been around forever! It’s really hard to write about this commercial because it is so short and simple. The best thing about this commercial is that it’s been on for so long that I have so many memories associated with this commercial.

When I was younger, my Christmas was about getting, getting and more getting. I would scope out the catalogs for what I really wanted and this would take weeks! Now days, I have more fun watching my kids open their presents then getting them. This past weekend, I saw this commercial for the first time this year and saw it with my oldest daughter. She loved it, and it feels good to know that my children will hopefully grow up with this commercial and gather some wonderful memories like I did.

I hope everyone who reads this blog a very Happy Holidays. See you next week.

Fruity Pebbles Christmas!

Ah, it’s Christmas time once again and that means wonderful Christmas Commercials! Maybe it’s me, but it seems like Christmas Commercials today just don’t have the same effect as they did back in the 80s. Then again, I was a kid back then, so Christmas in general had a different meaning. Back then it was all about GETTING the toys, now that I’m grown with three little ones, it’s about GIVING the toys. But today I have a commercial for a cereal that has been around for a long time. Actually, I believe that this commercial was on TV just a few years ago. It’s for Fruity Pebbles Cereal.

The Post Fruity and Cocoa Pebble commercials have always been fun. With Barney always trying to trick Fred out of his Pebbles, I never understood why Barney just didn’t go get his own box at the store. But with this commercial, we start with Fred trimming his tree, with carolers singing outside. Taking a break to check out his tree, Fred pours a large bowl of Fruity Pebbles. What the heck is with all the Fruit on the tree? I know the commercial is for Fruity Pebbles, but my goodness! If this was for Cocoa Pebbles, would he have chocolate bars on the tree? Anyway, who happens to arrive in time for this bowl of Fruity Pebbles? Why Santa Clause! Seems a little early in the evening, don’t you think?

But as Santa is eating his well deserved bowl of Fruity Pebbles, who is working on tricking Fred out of his Pebbles? That’s right, Barney is at the top of the chimney, decked out in his Santa gear, ready to make his entrance. Where is the real Santa’s sleigh? You’d think that would be a tip off to Barney. Oh well, Barney makes his entrance and finds Santa eating “my pebbles!” Fred get’s upset and Santa has to remind him that it is the season for giving and Barney finally gets some Pebbles Cereal. Santa then fly’s away as Barney and Fred enjoy a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

I love this commercial. Maybe it’s because it came out when I was younger, and everything associated with Christmas was magical, or I think it’s just a great commercial.

Hey You GUYS!! We are going to bring you the POWER! The Electric Company!

When you think of PBS for kids, what comes to mind? For me, growing up and even today, it’s Sesame Street 3-2-1 Contact, and Mr. Rodgers. Back in the 70s, PBS and Sesame Workshop came up with a show for older kids called The Electric Company. I barely remember this show, but if you look around online, you’ll see it was a very loved show. Just today, I found out that it is coming back!

Ask any Gen Xer about The Electric Company, and many will smile and shout out “HEY YOU GUYS!” Even though I barely remember this show, I still remember that. It was one of the most memorable part of the intro. In my research for this, it seems like the “Hey You Guys” part was not in all the season’s intros. But that’s ok, the show itself is more important.

Produced from 1971 to 1977, The Electric Company was made by the Children’s Television Workshop, the makers of Sesame Street. It was meant to be for school age children what Sesame Street was for Pre School and early Elementary age kids. Even though they stopped producing it in 1977, PBS channels continued to show it until 1985.

I guess that’s why I sort of remember it. I remember it being on after Sesame Street, but I believe that it was replaced in my market when 3-2-1 Contact came out. That was an awesome show, but I’ll talk about it on a later date.

I’m sad that my memories of this show are slim. I went looking for clips on YouTube and found few that I remember. I do remember the two faces ones, those were cool. What are some things about this show that you remember? If you can find clips on YouTube, please share in the comments!

I Loved My Star Wars Glasses!

Something I just don’t see anymore is commemorative glasses. McDonalds, Burger King, hell, even Gas Stations would run deals where if you bought so much gas, you get a free glass! Oh, I know McDonalds, or is it Burger King, just had a deal where you can get a Coke Glass. BIG DEAL! I want my favorite movie of today to have a cheaply done picture from that movie plastered on the side of it. And more than that, I want it to be so cheap that after a few washes it starts to fade away! Dumb? You bet, but that’s what we had as a kid!

Before I get into this commercial, I want to thank for this video. Awesome site and awesome commercial!

Growing up in the 80s, Star Wars was king! My friends and I played with the toys, we use wrapping paper tubes, color them red and green and blue and we were Jedi with our Lightsabers! We’d tie a bath towel around our neck and that was our cape. Cheesy? Hell yea, and damn fun too!

This commercial brings it all back. Unfortunately I did not have any of these glasses, but my best friend did, and when at his house and we asked for a drink, our refreshing beverage was served in one of these glasses. Some how, the drink was much better when drunk out of these glasses.

Yes, the commercial is extremely dated with the wardrobes worn, but that was the 70s. And the hat the lady at the counter is wearing? One main reason I never wanted to work Fast Food.

They had Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han Solo, Darth Vader and C3PO with R2D2. I always got the C3PO glass or Chewbacca, never Luke are Darth. I felt so robbed. I knew that my glass of juice would taste better with Darth Vader or Luke on the side of the glass.

I’m sure you can do a quick search on ebay for these and they are probably worth a mint, but if I ever got my hands on these again, oh hell yea I’d sue them!