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Milk, It Does the Body Good

If you were growing up in the late 80s, you know these commercials well.  They played all the time during after school programming.  Actually, these are some of my favorite commercials from the 80s.

I use to watch these commercials and hope that this would happen to me.  Either I’d grow up like the boys and be “big and strong” or be the handsome guy that the gorgeous girl had hanging off her arm.

When I was younger, I was a runt.  I was small and didn’t hit my growth spurt until Junior year of High School and I remember in Middle School, watching these commercials and then heading to the fridge to get a glass of milk.  Yea, didn’t work to well.  Even when I hit my growth spurt, my metabolism was so high that I could go to McDonalds, get a Super-Sized meal and still lose weight.  Those were the days.  But that doesn’t mean that these commercials weren’t awesome.  For me at least, they did what they wanted to do, get kids to drink more milk.  Not only that, they were very memorable and still with me today.  I miss these kind of commercials.

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Pizza Hut Commercial from TMNT Movie

When I first came upon this commercial for Pizza Hut, I was searching for the Pizza Hut commercial when you could buy the TMNT Coming Out of Our Shell’s Cassette tape, but fount this wonderful commercial.  I remember when the VHS of TMNT came out and I first watched it.  I was sick with Bronchitis and my mom rented this for me after I came out of the doctor’s office.  I ended up watching it three times before my parents came home that night and I was hooked.

But I also remember this commercial from it.  Watching it now, it’s quite magical really.  It is not so much an advertisement for Pizza Hut, as it is a commercial setting the mood as to why you would want to go to Pizza Hut.  It really is a great mood setting commercial.  The little league baseball, the wonderful guitars strumming the melody to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and the young kid in the outfield, not paying attention and becoming the hero of the game.  Really wonderful and takes me right back.  Amazingly, you don’t even know it’s for Pizza Hut until the last ten seconds of the commercial, but what is great about this, is it relaxes you and in turn makes you feel relaxed about Pizza Hut.  Really, it is a stroke of genius.

I put this commercial on loop and listened to it a few times while I wrote this, and I found myself with a warm smile on my face as I finish this article, remember this and taking me back.  That is a wonderful commercial to me!

Yes, I found the TMNT Coming Out of our Shell’s commercial, but alas, that is now for another time…

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I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

When ad agencies create adds, their goal is to make a commercial that is catchy and memorable.  The use of jingles is to keep it in your head and remind you of the product.  You really don’t see this art too much anymore, and when you do, the products are usually annoying.  But back in the 80’s and early 90’s, they were awesome!  One of the best commercials was for Chicken Tonight.

Chicken Tonight was created back in the early 90s and their commercial for it is one of the most memorable from that time period.  Anyone alive and watching tv will know this jingle imediately!  With someone singing “I feel like Chicken Tonight, like Chicken Tonight” and people flapping their arms like chicken, this commercial goes down as both favorite and dreaded commercal at the same time.

I have only great memories, because I just love the jingle.  It takes me back to the early 90s and all the wonderful memories of that time.  But I have talked to many people who absolutely hate this commercial.  I can see what they mean, it is kinda corny, but to me, that makes it great!  You don’t get these kind of commercials on a national scale anymore that work this well.

So, do you love it or hate it?  Leave a comment!

Hershey Kisses Happy Holidays Commercial!

Such a simple commercial, yet it brings so much pleasure to so many people. This is the Hershey Kiss Christmas commercial where the Kisses play in bell-choir fashion “We Wish you a Merry Christmas.”

This commercial has been around since either the late 80s or early 90s. I’m not sure exactly when, but it feels like this has been around forever! It’s really hard to write about this commercial because it is so short and simple. The best thing about this commercial is that it’s been on for so long that I have so many memories associated with this commercial.

When I was younger, my Christmas was about getting, getting and more getting. I would scope out the catalogs for what I really wanted and this would take weeks! Now days, I have more fun watching my kids open their presents then getting them. This past weekend, I saw this commercial for the first time this year and saw it with my oldest daughter. She loved it, and it feels good to know that my children will hopefully grow up with this commercial and gather some wonderful memories like I did.

I hope everyone who reads this blog a very Happy Holidays. See you next week.

Would you buy insurance from Charlie Brown? Hell yea I would!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are icons. Created back in the fall of 1950 by Charles Shultz, he drew the comic until the spring of 2000. With comics every day, and many great TV Episodes like; A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and many more. He smartly licensed his characters out. One place he did license them out was to MetLife.

I don’t remember how long he licensed them out to MetLife, but I do remember the commercials that started in the early 90s. It usually showed one of the gang, usually Charlie Brown, getting hurt, losing something, or breaking something, and Snoopy, acting as the agent, came to take care of his insurance needs. Nothing real flashy about them, they were just fun to watch because I loved the Peanuts gang.

Below is one such commercial. Linus, his trademark blanket is being washed, and he feels insecure, and Charlie Brown does his little shtick, sells MetLife, and Linus feels better! And Snoopy is there, looking very proper, ready to take care of Linus.

So what did we learn here? The Peanuts gang is a great way of selling insurance, and Snoopy’s ear is a blanket replacement. If I needed insurance now, I’d be going to MetLife. Well, I think I’d go off of more than just the commercial, but I will be visiting them, next time I feel insecure.

Your Principle is a dork, and doesn’t like bubble tape!

I’m sorry for no update last Friday. My wife is pregnant and is now 38 weeks and we have two young kids, so my time is limited. For the next few weeks, I will not be doing my normal Retro Friday blog. I will still post, but the posts won’t be bigger and about anything 80s, but I’ll post a retro commercial blog. It’s much easier and less time consuming. If I do get time to work on something nice, I’ll post, I have a ton of ideas, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll have the time for the next few weeks. But onto the commercial!

Bubble Tape, what a wonderful gum! Ok, the gum was ok, nothing great, but definitely not bad. What I loved about Bubble Tape was the plastic container and the commercials. I loved the containers because it looked like a chew container. Being a big fan of baseball, and always seeing that circular container in their back pockets, I was now able to emulate them, but with gum. Usually I’d chew the tape quickly, and then fill it with Big League Chew because the Big League Chew, to me, looked more like chewing tobacco. Pink Chewing Tobacco, but who is really paying attention. Yea, I was twisted, but I knew a lot of guys who did the same thing.

But the commercials for Bubble Tap in the early 90s were some of the best. Using the slogan “Its six feet of bubble gum for you, not them,” and the commercials they used, using old farts like a school principle, or lunch lady, or some adult out of touch with the kids of that day, they talked to kids. What kid who is pre-teen or a teenager, doesn’t think that the adults are totally bonkers, and don’t know anything? I sure did! In a few years, I’ll be seeing the other side of that as my kids will be hitting pre-teen.

But the commercial below was when I was still in school, probably 8th, 9th, or 10th when it came out, and the only thing I had to worry about was school, cleaning my room (which I never did), and sports. Seeing it now, god I’m glad I stumbled upon this, brings back all kinds of memories. But looking at this now, it is still genius! Update the music, the graphics, and maybe the people they pick on, and it would still work.

Check out one of the commercials below. What a wave of memories that washed over me by watching this. Anyone else remember this?!

Burger King Commercial – 1990s

Continuing my Burger King week, let’s go up in time another decade to the 1990s. Notice something missing in this commercial? Anyone? There is no jingle! That’s right, the 1980’s perfected the jingle and the 1990’s took it away. So, needless to say, I dislike this commercial…A LOT!

First, no talk about food, just talk about the free glasses give away. If I’m going out to eat, I’m not going to choose a fast food joint because of some free glasses. Granted, it is Coca Cola glasses, and there are many Coca Cola collectors out there. But your average Joe isn’t going to choose Burger King for a free glass. They should have focused on the food, and as an after thought brought up the glasses. That would give the average Joe extra incentive to come, and would be enough to get the collectors out there interested as well.

Second, the reason why people got the glasses is LAME! Mom got a neat glass, why? Is it because she is a wonderful mother? Nope. It’s because it was free. Yea, that is how kid’s minds work, but come on!

Another mom is so excited by them, she stacking the classes up (she does realize they are very breakable, right) and talking about going back that night to get a set of 12. Ok, if my Mom would have done that, I think we would have talk about taking her to the local psyche ward. I don’t know too many rational moms who would feed their kids greasy fast food twice a day. Granted, if I was a kid and my mom would have done that, I would have been all up for it, but let’s get real, it isn’t happening!

Next a Bride and Groom are opening their gifts and if my Aunt Rose gave me those glasses, I’d make sure next Christmas that she’d get the lamest and cheapest give I could ever think of. Heck, I’d do that for every Christmas from then on. What a lame wedding gift.

Looking at the commercial, is it any wonder why Burger King can’t catch McDonald’s?

Well, there ends my Burger King week. Next week I’ll be reviewing some Thanksgiving commercials. Only found one good one, so if you know of any good one’s, leave a comment and I’ll check it out.