The Cadbury Bunny

Certain things come to mind when thinking about Easter.  Easter Eggs, nicer weather, chocolate, and if you were lived through the 80s, the infamous Cadbury Rabbit commercial’s.

As a kid, I never ate these and it was all because of the commercial below.  When the announcer describes the yellow yolk surrounded by white filling, I thought it would taste like eggs and not the sugary goodness that it really is.

The commercial is classic!  You got a rabbit bauking like a chicken and laying some delicious Cadbury cream eggs.  What is not to like about this. This commercial is so popular, that they still use the rabbit bauking to this day.  It really is a very simple commercial.  Just the rabbit, an announcer, and the star of the show, the Cadbury cream eggs.

The second commercial is a continuation of the original where they have multiple rabbits, but each rabbit makes a different animal sound.  I like this one too as it was very entertaining as a kid, and looking on it now, I like the way they use this to show that others might try to imitate, but they don’t duplicate.  Really a very smart commercial.

I love both these commercials because they use that 80s cheesiness that I love, but it stood the test of time and became classics.  Who doesn’t think of Easter and think of Cadbury and when you think of Cadbury, think of the bauking rabbit!


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