PAAS Easter Coloring Kit

Growing up as a kid, coloring Easter Eggs was a must!  Mom would hard boil the eggs and my sisters and I would color our eggs with florescent colors to look, what we thought, all Easter like.  We never used PAAS Easter coloring kits, but used Doc Hinkle’s Paint On coloring kits.  I loved these because I could color intricate designs, but I always wanted to PAAS kits because of the stickers.

This commercial isn’t the best Easter commercial, but it does give off the classic 80s vibe that I love.  I love how it shows you how to use it during the commercial, like parents couldn’t read the instructions.  What I found out years later, now that I have kids, is the colors are not nearly as vibrant as the commercial shows.  That bums me out, and very glad my parents never got those kits for me as a kit.  Also, it seems like with the PAAS kits, it goes by so much faster since you dye the eggs and you’re done.  No taking time to draw beautiful designs.

Stick around after the commercial is over to get a lesson on how to dye eggs, if you care, lol.


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