Thanks Easter Bunny

Easter, kids, classic jingle, and it is all wrapped in a great 80s commercial.  There are some commercials that you need to see to make it a holiday and this was one that it just wasn’t Easter until I saw this commercial.  Being a kid and watching a lot of cartoons in the 80s, I saw this a lot!

For some reason I think I didn’t enjoy this commercial when I was younger.  Not sure why because it is classic!  Kids happy to be finding M&Ms, and I love the young man with the black eye sorrowfully thanking the Easter bunny.  As a kid, I don’t ever remember getting M&Ms on Easter.  Everything was either Russel Stover’s or Hershey’s.  Seeing that I group up in Hershey, you can probably understand the Hershey’s favoritism.  Just wasn’t Easter without a Russel Stover’s chocolate rabbit.  Maybe the fact that I never got M&Ms on Easter might be why I didn’t like this commercial?  Hershey Ets were much better, but maybe I am just partial to them.  But this doesn’t take away from a great commercial.  Watch it below and enjoy once again the retro goodness of this great 80’s commercial.


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