McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes

McDonalds has many seasonal menu items and I don’t think there is any item that brings as much happiness as the Shamrock Shake.  Yes, they have the McRib, but that is a cult favorite, it doesn’t have the mainstream excitement.  Green, minty and only around after Valentine’s day through St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve heard that there are some places that have it year-round, but that isn’t my area.

As a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of the Shamrock Shake, but knowing it was a mint flavored shake, I never wanted to try it because I was in love with their chocolate shakes.  I didn’t end up trying in until about 12 years ago when I got my wife one and tried a sip.  At that point, I understood why people love them so much.

Originally, per Wikipedia, the Shamrock Shakes were a lemon-lime flavored green shake, then was just a green colored vanilla shake until later in the 70s becoming the mint flavored treat it is today.  They use to mix it with chocolate so you could have a mint chocolate shake, but it was always a hidden menu item until this year when you can officially get one.  In 1980, they created a Shamrock Sundae, which was vanilla ice cream topped with the Shamrock syrup, but that flopped.

This commercial has that cheesy early 80’s feel that you just don’t see anymore.  Take a sip of the shake and feel like a stereotypical Irish leprechaun and start dancing.  That dad looks like he was born to play this part.  Top it off with the announcer talking with a really bad Irish accent and the early 80’s McDonalds jingle and you got yourself an early 80s commercial.  So cheesy, but I love it!


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