Carvel’s Cookie O’Puss Ice Cream Cake

As a kid, I saw these Carvel commercials, what seems like all the time.  That cheesy high-pitched voice of Cookie Puss, there is just nothing like it.  As a kid, I loved that high-pitched voice and the thought of an ice cream cake left me in wonder.

I didn’t try an ice cream cake until I was well into my teens, so watching this made me think about what was in these ice cream cake.  You saw a bit of what is in it in the commercial, some ice cream, those crunchy cookie bits, but I always wondered if it actually had cake it in.  Later in life I have tried ice cream cake with and without cake in it.  I much prefer without cake.  Give me ice cream, those cookie bits, and maybe some of that caramel that Dairy Queen puts in theirs.  The commercial ends with a Carvel’s spokesman rapping it up.  I love that man’s voice.  Deep and has these relaxed vibe to it.

Researching this article, it looks like Carvel is only a central PA store, but maybe in the 80’s it was bigger?  Unfortunately, I have never tried any Carvel ice cream product, though I think I might have to go to the store, or find a Carvel store and pick something up.



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