A 7-Up Christmas!

Every year at this time I like to look back at the Christmas Commercials from years past that I use to love.  There was the Folger’s Coffee one with Peter, they remade it and the new one is kinda creepy, but I can do that another time.  The M&M Classic as well as Ronald skating with kids.  How can anyone forget the Flinstone Fruity Pebbles Christmas or probably everyone’s number one Hershey Kisses Bells.  I’ve been wanting to do a post for a while, but couldn’t find a commercial that makes me want to right.  That is until I found the 7-Up Christmas one.

You see the elves working hard on getting the sleigh ready and the toys packed.  One elf  needs a break.  Using his elf magic, probably because he’s do tired from work, he opens the fridge and a refreshing 7-Up flies into his hand.  All the other elves stare at him in wonderment as if they never seen someone drink a 7-Up.  As soon as the first sip is taken, it snows!  Yes, 7-Up makes it snow.  But only on Christmas Eve, and only at the North Pole.  We get to see the elves play it up as Santa walks out.  You’d think Santa would be pissed because he has to leave soon to take toys to all the good little girls and boys, but he isn’t worried.  He’s drinking a 7-Up as well and laughs it off.  7-Up, makes you play like a kid and not have a care in the world, especially if you have to fly around the world in only a few short hours.  Well, as the commercial says, “7-Up is the feeling of Christmas.”

I never got that memo when I was younger, but I always remember enjoying this commercial.  It was fun to watch the magic and the soda fly into the elf’s hand.  To see them play, and the one elf get dumped as he sleds down the one small hill.  This commercial still bring back great memories and I hope it does for you too!


4 responses to “A 7-Up Christmas!

  1. this was funny and kind of weird

  2. i like this comercial because its around christmas and i like the sound effects and stuff.

  3. Where is the 7up undeer commercial??

  4. Here’s a 7up un-deer radio spot I had on audio reel-reel tape:

    Here’s a 7up un-deer TV spot:

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