Move Over Bacon, There’s something better…Sizzlean!

I honestly don’t remember this commercial.  I remember the product, but not this, or any other commercial.  If that is the case, why review this commercial?  I remember some time ago, or at least I think I do, someone asking for this commercial.  Whoever you were, I can’t find your email, but if you are still visiting…this is for you!

There is nothing spectacular about this commercial.  It is a very standard informational commercial.  It explains it is like bacon, but healthier.  I myself never tried it, but from what I remember from the 80s, anything that claimed to be like something, only heathier, was usually pretty discusting.

It does have it’s corny catch phrase.  “Move over bacon, there’s something leaner.”  Not really spectacular.  Actually, I think it is rather lame, and I usually love these kind of things.

Well, below is the commercial from 1985.

In researching this add, I found one from 1978.  This one had actually had a jingle in it!  Kinda of lame, but I found this commercial much more entertaining than the previous one.  It caught my attention and kept it better.  This is why a good jingle, or even an average one as the case may be, can do a commercial well!


4 responses to “Move Over Bacon, There’s something better…Sizzlean!

  1. i dont like bacon, so i used to buy sizzlean, does anyone remember who made it? i want to know if they make it any more, i’m craving it again

  2. I just love the whole damn thing!!!!
    Seriously,Thank you guys for the stupid cool 🙂

    .Please Email with any updates,Retro is cool & Forever.


    Robin in SF…

  3. I used to eat Sizzlean as a kid w/grandparents when I went campin. I loved it cuz it wasn’t. FATTY OR GREASY. I bought it til I couldn’t find anymore. I don’t understand why they don’t sell anymore. It was easy 2 cook, didn’t burn in the pan & u could cut into slices eat w/ur fingers wasn’t rubbery feeling…I LOVED IT & I WANT IT BACK, PLEASE!!

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