I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

When ad agencies create adds, their goal is to make a commercial that is catchy and memorable.  The use of jingles is to keep it in your head and remind you of the product.  You really don’t see this art too much anymore, and when you do, the products are usually annoying.  But back in the 80’s and early 90’s, they were awesome!  One of the best commercials was for Chicken Tonight.

Chicken Tonight was created back in the early 90s and their commercial for it is one of the most memorable from that time period.  Anyone alive and watching tv will know this jingle imediately!  With someone singing “I feel like Chicken Tonight, like Chicken Tonight” and people flapping their arms like chicken, this commercial goes down as both favorite and dreaded commercal at the same time.

I have only great memories, because I just love the jingle.  It takes me back to the early 90s and all the wonderful memories of that time.  But I have talked to many people who absolutely hate this commercial.  I can see what they mean, it is kinda corny, but to me, that makes it great!  You don’t get these kind of commercials on a national scale anymore that work this well.

So, do you love it or hate it?  Leave a comment!


6 responses to “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

  1. It’s back on telly… In 2010 Noooo !! It’s not so much that I hate the ad, I don’t really, but surely whoever makes it could boost some money into the economy by shooting a new campaign? Even a modern version of the same thing wod have been acceptable

  2. I loved this commercial, so much that I had no idea what the product was. All I remember was the jingle, and the people flapping their “wings” to it. Now that I watch it again, the sauce looks like it would be terrible!

  3. Nobody ever says, “I wanna be a junkie”.

  4. Charles Edwards

    I tried this once. Friends called it Chokin’ Tonight. Oh well. Thanks for the web site!!!

  5. I remember my mom would buy the chicken cacciatore “Chicken Tonight”, because she started working full time when I was in high school (late 80s). I got so sick of it (was never a fan of tomato based chicken dishes), but my sister and still sing the jingle and do the “dance” to this day!

  6. Sorry people but…i have to love this commercial cuz my aunt is in it. 😀

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