And All the Cheese Goes Blub Blub Blub, Ellio’s Pizza!

In advertising, you have to hook the customer and give them something to remember and hook that to you product, all in 30 seconds or less.  Commercials that do this can be remembered for a long time!  Time to Make the Donuts, Mikey Likes It, Oscar Mayer Balogna to name a few.  What they all had was a line, a hook, that was so ingrained in the commercial, the product, that when you heard the hook, you thought of the product, and many times, saw the product and remembered the hook.

In 1989, Elios Pizza came out with a commercial that is one of my favorite from growing up.  A “Hip” young boy is talking about his favorite pizza and how his older brother has to make it for him.  There is no catchy jingle, and the little boy though cute, isn’t very memorable.  What makes this commercial is one of the best hooks in all of commercials.

And all the cheese goes, blub blub blub.

Kids in school would quote this endlessly.  Myself with my friends would quote this all the time.  Too this day, I can’t think of Ellio’s Pizza and not think of the little boy going “Blub blub blub”.  Who cares if the pizza is square, and if his brother has to make it…”blub blub blub”  Yea, stupid and almost generic, but awesome none the same.  Watch this commercial and tell me that you will not think “blub blub blub” from this moment on whenever you see Ellio’s Pizza from now on and I’ll call you a liar!  I still to this day, much to the annoyance of my wife.  Now just have to get my kids on to it, and my life will be complete.


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