Hershey Kisses Happy Holidays Commercial!

Such a simple commercial, yet it brings so much pleasure to so many people. This is the Hershey Kiss Christmas commercial where the Kisses play in bell-choir fashion “We Wish you a Merry Christmas.”

This commercial has been around since either the late 80s or early 90s. I’m not sure exactly when, but it feels like this has been around forever! It’s really hard to write about this commercial because it is so short and simple. The best thing about this commercial is that it’s been on for so long that I have so many memories associated with this commercial.

When I was younger, my Christmas was about getting, getting and more getting. I would scope out the catalogs for what I really wanted and this would take weeks! Now days, I have more fun watching my kids open their presents then getting them. This past weekend, I saw this commercial for the first time this year and saw it with my oldest daughter. She loved it, and it feels good to know that my children will hopefully grow up with this commercial and gather some wonderful memories like I did.

I hope everyone who reads this blog a very Happy Holidays. See you next week.


One response to “Hershey Kisses Happy Holidays Commercial!

  1. Happy Holidays!

    Hershey’s Kisses jingle bell Christmas commercial debut in 1989.

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