Hey You GUYS!! We are going to bring you the POWER! The Electric Company!

When you think of PBS for kids, what comes to mind? For me, growing up and even today, it’s Sesame Street 3-2-1 Contact, and Mr. Rodgers. Back in the 70s, PBS and Sesame Workshop came up with a show for older kids called The Electric Company. I barely remember this show, but if you look around online, you’ll see it was a very loved show. Just today, I found out that it is coming back!

Ask any Gen Xer about The Electric Company, and many will smile and shout out “HEY YOU GUYS!” Even though I barely remember this show, I still remember that. It was one of the most memorable part of the intro. In my research for this, it seems like the “Hey You Guys” part was not in all the season’s intros. But that’s ok, the show itself is more important.

Produced from 1971 to 1977, The Electric Company was made by the Children’s Television Workshop, the makers of Sesame Street. It was meant to be for school age children what Sesame Street was for Pre School and early Elementary age kids. Even though they stopped producing it in 1977, PBS channels continued to show it until 1985.

I guess that’s why I sort of remember it. I remember it being on after Sesame Street, but I believe that it was replaced in my market when 3-2-1 Contact came out. That was an awesome show, but I’ll talk about it on a later date.

I’m sad that my memories of this show are slim. I went looking for clips on YouTube and found few that I remember. I do remember the two faces ones, those were cool. What are some things about this show that you remember? If you can find clips on YouTube, please share in the comments!


One response to “Hey You GUYS!! We are going to bring you the POWER! The Electric Company!

  1. I remember “spiderman…where are you coming from spiderman. Nobody knows who you are”. Also all the shorts cut scenes like the little guy who had to read the signs that turned out to be warnings: “doooon’t booooother this giiiiiant person”. ” I say heyyyyyyyy, diddle diddle”. “The adventures of Letterman” , silent E(who can turn a van into a vane) and of course the” plumber” ( It’s- the–plumber– i’ve come-to-fix-the sink!”). Real tv.

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