Can You Resist Nestlé’s Nesquik? Yea, It’s Not That Hard.

I was and still am a Chocolate Milk junky. I remember working for a local grocery store, and every Sunday that I worked, I’d buy a quart of their Chocolate Milk and down it in about an hour. Good stuff it was. But when I was younger, I’d have to make it myself, and my mom bought Hershey’s Powder. Now, it’s not the same kind they have today. They had a different kind and for the life of me, I can’t find anything about it on the Web. But I never saw commercials for it, but always did for Nestlé’s Nesquik. I begged and pleaded to try it, and when my mom broke down and got it, you know what my reaction was? “This isn’t the same as Hershey’s.” and I stopped drinking it. I know that drove parents mad, and my oldest is starting to do that to me now. Karma sucks.

But it’s commercials like the one below that got me wanting to try this. First off, it’s a cartoon. Kids love cartoons! You really could sell anything to kids as long as it is in cartoon format.

Second, the mascot is a rabbit. Let me change what I said before, you can sell a kid anything as long as it’s in cartoon format and has a loveable animal telling you to buy whatever it is selling.

Third, it’s rocking out baby! Being a kid of the 80s, the birth of music television, I was unlucky enough to have parents who thought MTV was crap and bared us from watching. Saying that, that made us want to watch it more, so anything to do with music was awesome to us.

So let’s rehash; the commercial is animated, with a loveable animal and has music. Yup, everything needed to mesmerize a kid. Later in life Nestlé’s Nesquik grew on me, but it’s this commercial that I will love more.


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