Where can a kid be a kid? Chuck E. Cheeses!

Life was rough growing up in the 80s. Homework, chores, and annoying siblings. We had so much crap to put up with it wasn’t funny. What could we do to just let our hair down? Sure we could play Atari or Nintendo, but you’d always have a parent yelling, “Go outside and get some sun! It’s too nice outside!” What a drag. And when you went out, you could ride bike or run around, but you really couldn’t “Let Your Hair Down.” I just want a place where we could be kids, you know? Then, on TV one Saturday Morning, as I was stuffing my face with my second bowl of Count Chocula cereal, what came upon my TV? The answer to all my problems! Chuck E. Cheeses!

I proceeded to beg my parents to take me there. I would pout, cry, wine, and be as annoying as I could, just thinking that my parents would take me there just to shut me up! No deal. But thankfully I had a best friend who got whatever he wanted. What did he want? His birthday party hosted at Chuck E. Cheeses! Oh what fun, oh what joy!

What is everything I dreamed of? Oh god no. The pizza was awful. So awful that I can remember it over 20 years later. A friend of mine, ex’s kid had a party there that I went to and I refused to eat the pizza off that memory. But that’s not why we went. No! We went for the games! They had video games, Skee-Ball games, and other ticket winning games. That is why we went! There were other things there, but I could care less about them. Video games were, are, and will always be my weakness and that is all I cared about.

After that experience, I wanted to go back. No for the food but for the video games. A year later, I found a wonderful video game hangout that was a five minute bike ride from my house. At that point, Chuck E. Cheeses became old business. But the commercial below brought back these cool memories, and that is the purpose of this site. Excuse me, my daughter just saw this and now I got to calm her down. She now wants to go to Chuck’s house. I guess that’s ok, as long as she doesn’t want their pizza.


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