Superheroes wear Underoos!

Growing up, I loved my Superheroes. I was obsessed with The Hulk! I loved to watch The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby. I loved that show so much that one day I got into my dad’s green paint and painted my hands green. When my dad came home from work in his orange Datsun 240Z, I can still remember the terror in his eyes as he stepped out of his car and I bellowed, “Dad, I’m the HULK!” We can laugh about it now, but back then, that car was my Dad’s baby. But one of the other things about The Hulk I remember growing up, are the Underoos!

I had a pair of The Hulk one’s and Spiderman ones. In the summer, I’d wear them as pajamas. And my demeanor would very depending on which one I wore. The Hulk ones and I would be banging around and stomping and the such. Spiderman ones and I would be jumping from chair to couch to whatever else while trying to avoid my mom and a spanking. It’s amazing, these memories were dormant until I saw the commercial below.

This commercial is from the late 70s, and I don’t remember ever seeing it, but seeing the outfits brought back memories. Like I already said, I had The Hulk and Spiderman, and I believe my sisters had Wonder Woman. There is nothing really special about this commercial. It’s boring by today’s standards, but as a kid idolizing many Superheroes, these Underoos made me believe that I was one, if only for a little.

Anyone else out there have these? Which one’s did you have?


6 responses to “Superheroes wear Underoos!

  1. h man, what a blast from the past…Underoos rocked back in the 80’s. My mom and grandma must of gotten me nearly every style…I remember having Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman and Darth Vader…tho there was probably more. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately!!) I started to be made fun of for wearing them in middle-school, and downright chastised when I forgot I was wearing them the first day of 9th grade and had to change for PE…so I had to stop wearing them, tho I still wore on the weekends. So tho they may have been the underwear thats fun to wear, I may need therapy for it!! haha

  2. neithingiwant –

    I too could not keep my FunPals and ShowToons (newer version of Underoos in the late 80’s) in my drawers.

    I still remember in 7th grade when I was wearing Sesame Street underwear. I had forgotten to take them off in the morning mostly because I was running late for school. We changed out for PE and I remembered that I was still wearing them AFTER P.E. was over and we were changing back into our uniforms.

    Of course changing into my P.E. uniform I did not even think about it. Well some of the 8th graders had noticed and as I was changing I made my way to the bathroom to finish as I was already in too deep. Well the 8th graders followed me into the bathroom and stole my gym after I had already taken off my shirt by pulling it under the bathroom stale door.

    I was stuck standing in the stale wearing only Sesame Street Briefs. As I attempted to get my back I was pulled out of the stole and pushed outside the locker room. I rushed over to the regular lockers in an attempt to get my brothers gym bag and get his shorts. As I enter the cage I noticed that I was already using my brothers gym bag as that was another thing I forgot a home.

    The 8th graders closed the gates that protect the lockers at night and their I was standing in my Sesame Street Underoos as the bell to change classes rang. 95% of the entire school had fun laughing at my expense.

    For the next week or so I had to live with the fact and comments. However, I stopped worrying about it and wore my FunPals/ShowToons every single day to school.

    An interesting thing happened within a week – the comments ended and life just went on as normal. The thing with bullies is the fun ends when the victim does not care anymore.

    I continued to wear them for the next 3 years until puberty hit around the start of 11th grade. It was a lot of fun and actually resulted in some fun dares in high school such as running through a supermarket wearing Pokemon Underoos in 10th grade for $5.00.

    Regarding therapy I still have not got mine yet so don’t worry. 🙂

  3. While at my local JCPenney (los Angeles area) I discovered that they were now selling Batman and Superman briefs for men (men’s underwear section). Grabbed a pair for my husband who has admitted to missing his superman underoos.

  4. Someone PLEASE help me find the original Underoos commercial. C’mon, sing along – You know the words… “Underoos are so much fun, and you can choose from more than one. There’s the Hulk, Fred Flintstone and Shazaam, Superman, Spiderman and Aquaman! underoos are fun to wear, yea! Something super new in underwear!”

  5. i had superman and shazam underroos

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