Pop-Tarts are so Cool their Hot! NOT!

Kellogg’s first created Pop-Tarts back in the 1960s. It was a hit from the beginning. Why? I have no idea. I was never a fan of them. They were to dry if you don’t toast them, and I could never toast them to make them taste good, so I stuck with cereal until Toaster Strudels came out. Now those were the bomb! But my guess at why they were such a big hit would be that they are a quick breakfast. Just open the box, pick out a pack, and two Pop-Tarts will hold you over until lunch.

But as much as I dislike Pop-Tarts, I must say this commercial is a good one. It really shows off what the 80s were about in 30 seconds. The neon lights, the new age sound music, and the long shirt pajamas the gals were wearing.

I have two sisters and growing up, when ever they had sleepovers, I swear my sisters and their friends all wore those long shirt pajamas. Ok, so did I, but it was the 80s, and messed up stuff like that was acceptable. I’m not apologizing for it, hell no!

Even though I hate Pop-Tarts now, seeing commercials like this back in the 80s actually made me what to try them. Growing up, we didn’t have tons of money to throw at just any type of food. So watching commercials like this, knowing I won’t be eating a Pop-Tart anytime soon, really made me want one. When we finally had the money and got these, YUCK! Anyone else hate them as much as I do? And if you do like them, please tell me why? Is there anything I can do to actually like them?


3 responses to “Pop-Tarts are so Cool their Hot! NOT!

  1. I like Pop Tarts

  2. nostalgiajunkie

    You’re not alone. I’ve always hated Pop Tarts. They’re way too sweet and the texture is gross. Ugh.

    Toaster Strudels taste way better, but I don’t eat them much anymore because they’re pretty bad for you.

  3. Poptarts SUCKS!!

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