I Learned it from watching You

I think most Public Service Announcements, PSAs, are lame. Most are so dumbed down or idiotic that they just don’t hit home. Not only that, but they are unmemorable. For a PSA to be effective, it needs to be memorable. Very few are memorable. Smokey the Bear commercials are memorable and who doesn’t remember his tag line; “Only you can prevent forest fires.” But the most famous of all PSA’s is the Anti Drug on from the 1980s that featured a concerned dad, confronting his son with a box that is full of drugs and drug paraphernalia with the son delivering his phrase: From you alright! I learned it from watching you!

The 80s brought us many memorable Anti Drug slogans and commercials. Just say NO!” was brought to us by Nancy Reagan. I don’t know if it worked very well, but it was memorable. Also the Anti Drug one where the gang member turns into a werewolf or monster or something. That was scared the shit out of me when I was younger. But let’s face it, the one below is the most memorable.

Growing up, I think I like the messy room the most about this commercial. My parent’s never let me have a messy room and I always wanted one. And the box the father carries in, I was always wondering what was in it. Now that I’m older and understand things better, I look at it now and see exactly what was in it, but when I was younger and extremely innocent I had no idea what was in it.

Looking back on this commercial, it was VERY memorable, but when this came out, for me, I was too young and too innocent to have been affected by drugs. But later on in life, if this would have been out, it wouldn’t have done anything anyway. Why? That’s a subject for another article.


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