It’s time to make the donuts

Ah, donuts. Is there any better use of flower and water and yeast? Well, bread I guess, but you get my point. And donuts are a food you can eat at any meal! They go great with or for Breakfast, they are a wonderful treat at lunch, and they are a wonderful desert with dinner. And the types of donuts! There are the basic glazed, cake, powered, jelly filled, custard filled, cream filled, topped with frosting, and on and on! You want it on or in your donut, you can find it! Growing up in the 80s, where I grew up, two places you could get donuts; at a local grocery story or at the local donut shop. But on the TV, we always saw commercials for Dunkin Donuts and I always wish one would open up close enough that my sisters and I could have hounded my parents to try them, if just once.

This commercial is famous. With the amazing catch phrase, “Time to make the Donuts”, it really, at least to me, made this commercial very memorable. The commercial is very simple, Fred the Baker, played by the late Michael Vale, goes out of the house muttering “Time to make the Donuts” in the morning, and returning at night saying “Made the Donuts”. The purpose of this is to show that they are always making donuts, so they are always fresh. Michael does an amazing job here in this roll. Can anyone think of Dunkin Donuts and not think of Fred the Baker?

But my favorite part of every Dunkin Donut commercial is near the end when they show the rows of already made, perfectly looking donuts. I can stop this commercial there and stare at the screen for only a few seconds before my mouth starts to water.

Years later, I’ve finally tasted Dunkin Donuts’ donuts, and I must say, they aren’t bad. I still love my local grocers donuts best, but they are far better thank Krispy Kremes. Sorry all you Krispy fans, Dunkin really is better…at least to me.




2 responses to “It’s time to make the donuts

  1. nostalgiajunkie

    Dunkin Donuts is WAY better than Krispy Kreme! And I like that they haven’t changed their logo. I hope they don’t!

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