You can rip them you can stretch them, Fruit Roll-Ups!

There were so many great snacks introduced in the 80s, but one of my favorites has to be Fruit Roll-Ups. It was a wonderful sugary sweet fruit snack that was rolled up and perfect for taking anywhere. Kids loved it because it was sweet and delicious, and parents loved it because they were made with real fruit. I remember the strawberry flavored ones actually looked kinda like a flattened out strawberry. Needless to say, I’m sure there was only about 1% fruit in them, but maybe it was the fruit on the box, or maybe the wonderful announcer saying “Made with real fruit” that convinced the parents, who know, who cares, they were awesome and my parents bought them and that’s all that matters.

But one of the reasons this commercial is so good is all the cut scenes. It starts off with kids, in baseball gear passing a box of Fruit Roll-Ups and enjoying this delicious treat. Hell even the dog loves them! But what does Fruit Roll-Ups have to do with Baseball and a dog? Nothing! But this is advertising and it just has to speak to kids, not make sense.

The beach scene is lame. Yes you can tear them and share them, but I never shared mine, especially with my dad.

The next scene is the best. Three young boys in what looks to be a cap cabin. Look carefully. See that boy on the left that takes a bite of the Roll-Up? Look familiar? It’s Jason Hervey who played Wayne on Wonder Years. Yea, he was in a TON of commercials in the 80s.

Ahh, Fruit Roll-Ups. When you first came out, you were simple but good. Now they come with tongue tattoos and silly shapes. Didn’t they know that simple is best?! I remember with they put silly shapes in there that you could peel out and I guess play with, but it’s a thin piece of sugar fruit stuff. How can you play with that? If it was a rocket or something, I would blast it off and then direct it to my mouth to eat, and that was about the extent of that. But the rest of the lame crap they came up with later? I don’t know, is there anyone out there that like that? If you did, leave a comment and let me know why. Maybe I was too old to understand or something, who knows.




5 responses to “You can rip them you can stretch them, Fruit Roll-Ups!

  1. Yeah, the original fruit roll-ups were the best. Nothing like getting in from school, grabbing a strawberry roll-up and hitting the couch to watch he-man . Great thing about them is that you could chew them forever.
    Now, on the other hand is today’s fruit roll-up, it sucks ass! Like most things today, it’s made with the much cheaper high-fructose corn syrup in lieu of sugar. I hate the stuff, it has ruined everything and it’s not a coincidence that upon it’s introduction, the obesity rate in America has been on a steady incline. Got off the subject, sorry. Anyway, I’ve got a 3 yr. old daughter and she just loves the roll-ups, she does’t know what she’s missing. Kinda like today’s Coke and the old Coke that still had sugar in it, if today’s kids could taste the old Coke, they would shit.

  2. I too remember the originals fruit roll- ups man I remember when they first came out my aunt ( my mother sister) use to buy some times when I stay over after school.

  3. Why with everything else original being brought back have the original fruit roll ups not come back?? The original ones were so much better than what’s out today!

  4. My mom bought some the other day for her 5th grade class. I got one out of the box, and it was plain. Then I started remembering what they were like when I was growing up. I use to love peeling out the pizza shapes and making my own fruit roll-up pizza. I went to the store today to see if they happened to have the punch out ones, but all I could find were plain ones and stupid Dare ones… Sad day… 😦

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