Zips, they go on like a FLASH

Growing up in the 80s, we had all kinds of wonderful fashions. Original Jams shorts, shirts that would change colors with your body heat, (Technicolor Shirts?) and we can’t forget the shoes. I loved my Zips. They didn’t really save me any time tying my shoes since I just slipped them on, but they were the first pair of shoes that I was aware of that used Velcro. We would rip them open and put them back and open and back until our teachers would make us take them off until either recess or we had to leave the room. Man were they fun.

But looking back on this commercial, I do remember it, but looking at it now, I love it more then I did back then. It has such a wonderful 80s feel to it. The announcer, if anyone knows who it is please let me know, did a lot of 80s commercials, so he himself gives it a wonderful 80s feel to it.

The neighborhood looks like your typical 80s TV street. Notice how I said TV street? It seems like in the 80s, all streets on TV had nice front yards and the houses were two stories. Very nice feel, and very much like the street I grew up on, but there were also plenty of ranch style houses too.

I also love the neon Z streaking across the screen. Neon was big in the 80s. I’m sure it was around for a long time, but since I grew up in the 80s, and it was EVERYWHERE, I always associate neon and the 80s.

As I mentioned before, I loved my Zips, but god where they hideous looking! See that second pair? Is that the ugliest brown you ever seen? And the style, today they look like the kind of shoe the class geek would ware, but back then, they were awesome. Either that or we loved the Velcro that much.

At the end, they show stickers you got! YIPPEE! Makes me want to go out and get a pair. Ok, back then I could have cared less, but I do remember those stickers, so I must have gotten them with mine. Probably put them on my sisters Barbies.

Anyone out there have a pair? Share your memories of them in the comments!


3 responses to “Zips, they go on like a FLASH

  1. Hello, I remember those color changing shirts– they were called Hypercolor. One kid at my school was still wearing them in the early 90s.

    Nice blog, by the way. :]

  2. I totally forgot that they were called Hypercolor. It’s sad that I forgot because I use to have one. Thanks!

  3. I remember Zips coming with a grey terry wristband that had little Velcro pouch to put coins in.

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