Where’s the Beef

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of updates last week. My third child was born last Tuesday, and needless to say, I was busy. I should be back to my normal schedule.

Back in the mid 1980s, when I thought of fast food, I thought of McDonalds. Their cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate shake were the perfect meal back then. Add another cheeseburger, and it still ranks up there with my favorites today. Their commercials were fun, and made me want to go there even more. Out of the three other fast food restaurants in my area, Burger King, Wendy’s and Hardies, none of their commercials ever appealed to me. Burger King’s commercials were so boring that today I have very few memories of their commercials. I don’t even know if Hardies even had commercials, and if they did, I don’t remember them. But in 1984, Wendy’s hit the map with maybe one of the most famous commercials ever, and they did it with an old lady and a very simple question.

Where’s the beef?!

Shortly after this commercial came out, I can remember every day at lunch, kids would come out of the lunch line with their tray of food, plop it down, look at it and would look at everyone around and spout off, Where’s the Beef? We’d all crack up laughing, because, come one, simple things like that set off kids.

The commercial below is the very first to use that catch phrase. It’s a simple commercial with three older women who are looking at this monstrous bun and when they look in it, there looks to be something dark, maybe meat, but they just aren’t sure. Then actress Clara Peller steps up and udders her catch phrase “Where’s The Beef”! And from that moment, and the next few years, she was the star of Wendy’s commercials. She’d be everywhere complaining, “Where’s the Beef?”

In 1984, when this came out, I was 7, almost 8, and I don’t remember just how huge this commercial was. I remember it being big, but looking around for this article, the commercial, and maybe more the catch phrase, was huge! It was even used in the Democratic Presidential Debate in 1984.

For those of you who remember this commercial, and for those of you who were kids and would udder the catch phrase any chance you got, here it is below. Ahh, what wonderful memories.


2 responses to “Where’s the Beef

  1. Sadly, Ms. Peller died away shortly after her “where’ the beef” fame, having passed away in August of 1987 . She was 81 when she started the Wendy’s commercials in 1984.

    Did you know that after doing an ad for Prego’s in which she declared she had “found the beef” she was discharged from the Wendy’s commercials?

    Isn’t it amazing how jingles become so much a part of our pop culture? We are truly a television inspired culture.

  2. i love this commerical it was made the year i was born..

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