Your Peanut Butter hit my Chocolate

There are few foods I’d say I love. There are tons I like, but only a select few I’d say I love. Steak, done Medium Rare, I love. Chinese, yea, I love! Benihana’s, love it too! My mom makes a two cheese casserole that I’d kill for. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? There is no other candy I’d rather eat!

If you checked out my About Me page and dug a little, you’d find out I grew up in Hershey, PA. In Hershey, there are two famous candy factories. Hershey’s Original Chocolate Factory, which just happens to be the worlds largest and it is also home to the Reese’s Factory. Yes, it is the factory Mr. Reese himself built and ran until Hershey bought him out. With two chocolate factories in town, the air all around Hershey smells like chocolate. There was nothing like being in Middle School, first period gym and going outside to do whatever and smell chocolate. That was awesome!

I don’t know if that is why I like Reese’s, or maybe, like the majority of candy fans, Reese’s Cups are just the best, and that is why I love them. In the 80s, their tag line in Commercials was, “Your Peanut Butter hit my Chocolate. No, your Chocolate hit my Peanut Butter”. They never showed the peanut butter cups until the end, it was always someone carrying peanut butter (who does that with the cap open?) and another eating a regular chocolate bar and they trip, or bump, or get scared and the chocolate bar and peanut butter mix. I’ll tell you what, I love to take a Hershey’s Bar and jar of peanut butter and dip the bar in the peanut butter and eat it. Not as good as a Peanut Butter cup, but pretty damn good!

Note to everyone: If you ever have the chance to have a fresh Peanut Butter Cup, and by fresh I mean no older than a week, DO IT! The peanut butter is so creamy and delicious!

Back to the commercial, this commercial uses the “Your Peanut Butter hit my Chocolate. No, your Chocolate hit my Peanut Butter” phrase, and done with two young boys playing a video game. I don’t know who would play the game they are playing, but then again, this came out in the Atari 2600 days, and lets face it, many of the games on the Atari, especially near it’s end, were very lame. Yea, there were some greats, but remember ET? But if you were a kid back when Atari 2600 was king, then this commercial rocked! Hell, it still does! Excuse me now, I’m going to search around and see if we have any Reese’s Cups!


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