The Nintendo Entertainment System Futuristic?

Today, with the Ninendo Wii, Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360, game systems are more advanced and games are more realistic and bigger! Games are so complex that manuals for the games can almost be mini books. And the controllers are so complicated, that you need to use your thumbs and two to three fingers to play, Wii excluded. I find myself longing for the days of the original NES. Games for the NES don’t look very advanced or are as complicated at today’s games, But I think that is one of the reasons they were so fun! But if you compare the NES to the Atari 2600, it looks amazing! And the following commercial does a great job of making the NES look “Futuristic!”

This commercial is from 1986 I believe, and I swear that back then, “The Future” meant that everything is going to be grey and dark or brightly colored and everything flys. Well, Nintendo’s take with this commercial is grey and dark. Quietly, the five darkly grey clad people walk though, I guess, a space ship. BAM! Out flies a monitor and a NES Controller and Super Mario appears. Is the man up to the challenge? But before we find out, BAM, an arcade hit like Kung Fu! Hogans Alley and Duck Hunt challenge next. Oh dear god, what will pop up next? Baseball and Excitebike? Holy Shit these guys are doomed!

Ok, I’m exaggerating, they were all, and I could argue still are, great games. But it’s the wonderful cheesiness of the commercial that is so awesome. I loved this commercial growing up and the games they showed were some of my favorites. The big thing that gets me, especially looking back on it today, is that they make the future look dark and dreary. I know that was the fad back then, but it kinda erks me that they did that. I do understand why they do that, but still people, couldn’t the future be brighter? Oh yea, they did that with Back to the Future 2, kinda corny and Jetsony huh?


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