Would you buy insurance from Charlie Brown? Hell yea I would!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are icons. Created back in the fall of 1950 by Charles Shultz, he drew the comic until the spring of 2000. With comics every day, and many great TV Episodes like; A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and many more. He smartly licensed his characters out. One place he did license them out was to MetLife.

I don’t remember how long he licensed them out to MetLife, but I do remember the commercials that started in the early 90s. It usually showed one of the gang, usually Charlie Brown, getting hurt, losing something, or breaking something, and Snoopy, acting as the agent, came to take care of his insurance needs. Nothing real flashy about them, they were just fun to watch because I loved the Peanuts gang.

Below is one such commercial. Linus, his trademark blanket is being washed, and he feels insecure, and Charlie Brown does his little shtick, sells MetLife, and Linus feels better! And Snoopy is there, looking very proper, ready to take care of Linus.

So what did we learn here? The Peanuts gang is a great way of selling insurance, and Snoopy’s ear is a blanket replacement. If I needed insurance now, I’d be going to MetLife. Well, I think I’d go off of more than just the commercial, but I will be visiting them, next time I feel insecure.


2 responses to “Would you buy insurance from Charlie Brown? Hell yea I would!

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  2. Always did love Charlie Brown.

    I knew him after he grew up, and posted about him on my blog today. The boy overcame rejection in a big way.


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