Your Principle is a dork, and doesn’t like bubble tape!

I’m sorry for no update last Friday. My wife is pregnant and is now 38 weeks and we have two young kids, so my time is limited. For the next few weeks, I will not be doing my normal Retro Friday blog. I will still post, but the posts won’t be bigger and about anything 80s, but I’ll post a retro commercial blog. It’s much easier and less time consuming. If I do get time to work on something nice, I’ll post, I have a ton of ideas, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll have the time for the next few weeks. But onto the commercial!

Bubble Tape, what a wonderful gum! Ok, the gum was ok, nothing great, but definitely not bad. What I loved about Bubble Tape was the plastic container and the commercials. I loved the containers because it looked like a chew container. Being a big fan of baseball, and always seeing that circular container in their back pockets, I was now able to emulate them, but with gum. Usually I’d chew the tape quickly, and then fill it with Big League Chew because the Big League Chew, to me, looked more like chewing tobacco. Pink Chewing Tobacco, but who is really paying attention. Yea, I was twisted, but I knew a lot of guys who did the same thing.

But the commercials for Bubble Tap in the early 90s were some of the best. Using the slogan “Its six feet of bubble gum for you, not them,” and the commercials they used, using old farts like a school principle, or lunch lady, or some adult out of touch with the kids of that day, they talked to kids. What kid who is pre-teen or a teenager, doesn’t think that the adults are totally bonkers, and don’t know anything? I sure did! In a few years, I’ll be seeing the other side of that as my kids will be hitting pre-teen.

But the commercial below was when I was still in school, probably 8th, 9th, or 10th when it came out, and the only thing I had to worry about was school, cleaning my room (which I never did), and sports. Seeing it now, god I’m glad I stumbled upon this, brings back all kinds of memories. But looking at this now, it is still genius! Update the music, the graphics, and maybe the people they pick on, and it would still work.

Check out one of the commercials below. What a wave of memories that washed over me by watching this. Anyone else remember this?!


One response to “Your Principle is a dork, and doesn’t like bubble tape!

  1. Oh the memories!

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