Going, Going, Gone! A look back at a Hydrox Commercial

When I search for a commercial to write on, I look all over. I search retro sites, 80’s themed sites and news sites. In searching, I saw an article linked on Fark for Hydrox Cookies. I remember these cookies being like Oreo’s, but crunchier. Because of that, I didn’t like them. When I eat cookies like these, as soon as I get the pack home, I open them up and let them sit for at least a week before I start eating. I love them stale, because when they are stale, they are soft, and I love them that way! Back to the article I read, it goes on to talk about how Sunshine Biscuits stopped making Hydrox and how many fans of the cookies are bummed, and doing all they could to bring them back. I don’t really feel their plight, since they were a sturdy, crunchier cookie, and I like mine stale and soft, but I though maybe I could reach a few others to either join in their cause, or at the very least, bring some memories with a retro commercial.

If you look at this commercial, it has a very corny 80s feel to it. Using a bad Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator, they changed The Candy Man song to this jingle. Not bad, but it isn’t one that you will get stuck in your head, and if you do, you’ll probably get the original song stuck and thus you won’t remember the cookies.

Gosh, there really isn’t much to this commercial to review. I know Sunshine didn’t have a lot of money to spend on commercials, and that is one of the reason’s Hydrox never became a serious competitor to Oreos, and why they discontinued them, but man, this commercial is very forgettable. This was in the 80s guys, make it lively or something! Well, the commercial is forgettable, but to the Hydrox fans, the cookies never will be.


3 responses to “Going, Going, Gone! A look back at a Hydrox Commercial

  1. nostalgiajunkie

    “Hydrox” isn’t a very good name for a cookie…sounds more like a face cream or something, lol.

  2. darryl williams

    I iwsh they would bring back the hydrox cookie it was much better than oreos taste wise. I remember they brought back the limited sale of hydrox in 2008,man I was in heaven!!!

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