The Noid won’t ruin this Pizza!

If you’ve been following my other articles, you’ll notice it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to fall in love with a commercial from the 80s. Maybe it was just the way I was, or maybe all kids in that era were the same, but if I saw something entertaining, I wanted it or wanted to try it. Case and point, Domino’s Pizza.

Where I grew up, we didn’t have Domino’s. You either had Pizza Hut, or a Mom and Pops pizza. For my family, it was whatever we had a coupon for. But after seeing The Noid commercials, I wanted it! To bad it wasn’t until about 8 years after this commercial came out until there was a Domino’s in my area. I tried it once, and never again. I’ve hear the saying, “Pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” Who ever said that never ate Domino’s.

But this commercial had me hooked! If I would have tried the pizza when I was young enough to be influenced by a commercial, I might have liked it. The Noid was around as the Domino’s mascot for most of the 80s. He tried and tried to get to your pizza, to make it cold or disgusting, but Domino’s said they won’t let him get to your pizza. He was very popular, and even had his own video game, Yo! Noid for the NES. That game was harder than hell!

But the great thing about this mascot, he made you want to eat Domino’s! Every time I saw this commercial, I secretly wanted it! I use to think about all the kids out there that were lucky enough to get this pizza, and secretly would curse them.

Check out the commercial below, and tell me, those of you who saw this commercial when it first came out, that you don’t wish you had a slice of Domino’s? Hell, I’m thinking I might want to try it again. Who knows, in ten years, maybe they got better?


One response to “The Noid won’t ruin this Pizza!

  1. I remember writing “Avoid The Noid” in yearbooks! haha!

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