Hi-C Fruit Drink – BEST 80’s COMMERCIAL EVER!

Yes, that is just my view, but damn it, this commercial rocks! The more I watch it, the more I feel like I’m back in the 80’s. Unfortunately, the more I watch it, the more I want to go back and relive those carefree days, and that isn’t going to happen. But I digress. I found this commercial a few years ago on X-Entertainment and upon first viewing it, I found that I have a huge passion for Retro Commercials. So what makes this commercial THE BEST EVER? Let’s look.

  1. Watch the video and it has an 80’s feel to it. I’m not talking about the looks of the people or the clothing or anything like that, but the quality of the picture. Exactly how it was in the 80s. Love it!
  2. The music. The kids are singing it, regular sounding kids, and they do a smash up job. There are other commercials for Hi-C that use the same jingle, but use a professional singer and it just doesn’t have the same feel that this one does.
  3. The kids! They are dressed like normal kids in the 80s. Their hair is in the 80s style and most importantly, they act like the kids in the 80s. In the 80s, we rushed home from school and if it was a nice day, what did we do? We went outside and played! Yes, we had Atari and Nintendo, but we didn’t rush home to play. We rushed home so we could go outside with our friends and play sports, ride bike and/or skate board, talk, or just be goofy! How they show that in this commercial is awesome, and totally reminded me of what I use to do.

So go ahead and watch it. If you grew up in the 80s, does this not take you back? And for those born after the 80s, this gives you a quick 30 second peak inside what we did after school back then. Now excuse me, I need to watch this commercial a few more times. God I love it!


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