Homework and McDonald’s

I was planning to do my normal Friday “Anything Retro” Blog, but it didn’t get done. Maybe I was being to ambitious, I don’t know, but it needs more time. I think it’s a case of to many good ideas and I’m trying to do them all to fast. Need to make a list and stick to it!

So, continuing my McDonald’s week, here is a commercial in the lines of the High School themed one from Monday. Kids, look to be in Middle School, or early High School, have to deal with a bunch of homework and how they cope. Let’s look at this beautiful, but short, commercial.

First three segments are the kids in three different classes, not sure if it’s the same group of kids in three classes or three classes and each one has different kids. It doesn’t really matter. Let’s look at what they do:

  1. You see two girls starting their Insect Collecting. Come on, you can do better than that girls. Another uses a glass bottle to catch on, but is just a bit to slow.
  2. Another kid is at home and the dog spills milk on his work. Watch the dog, he does it purposely! If that was my dog, you’d be off to the pound. Ok, maybe not, but I’d be sorely tempted.
  3. You see the one kid trying to do homework in a playground and other kids bothering him. Kid, you have a boom box, just crack the mother up! But it seems the kids were doing that to get his boom box so they could practice the Preamble. Sly, very sly. Looks like the girl took the boy’s fries as well as his boom box. Pussy.

But after all is said and done, they just meet up at McDonald’s and study there. I wonder what the other 498 words were? Ok, no I don’t.

This commercial has a wonderful jingles, a neat premises but is just to short. I know most commercials are only 30 seconds, but this seemed rushed and missing something. Have any ideas what they could have done to make it better? If so, leave a comment or two.


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