It’s Mac Tonight!

Some see this commercial as a stroke of genius by McDonald’s, while others see this as the creepiest commercial McDonald’s has ever created, excluding the original Ronald McDonald commercial. I love this commercial. The moon man, dubbed Mac Tonight by McDonald’s, doesn’t scare me. The song is actually a play on the old Frank Sinatra song Mack the Knife. Interesting song, but I like this version for McDonald’s better.

This commercial started off in 1986 and they picked Mac as a moon guy to show adults that they were open late. They tried to show him as a lounge singer, or jazz singer, but many people thought it was freaky. Not me, I loved it! Moon figure, throw it in with a catchy tune, and I was hooked! Ok, in 1986 I was 10 and I don’t know too many kids who, when 10, didn’t like McDonalds, so it really didn’t take a lot for me to like this commercial.

All in all, they used Mac in 29 commercials. I can only remember 2 or 3, maybe they did more in Europe and Asia? Who knows, but last year, can’t believe I have to say that for 2007, they reintroduced a CGI version. I personally think the new one sucks major donkey balls, but hey, I’ll let you view it and make up your own mind.

Below, see the original commercial, and after that, check out the new one. If you use to be freaked out by it, are you still?


4 responses to “It’s Mac Tonight!

  1. nostalgiajunkie

    When I saw the Mac Tonight commercial back in 1986, I was only three years old. It never left me. It’s cool that they decided to bring him back, but the CGI is way creepier than the old one.

  2. Nice, I was only 4 when I seen the commercial, but I totally remembered it! I never knew they made a 2007, don’t see at as creepy though.

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