First Day of School and McDonald’s

My first day of High School was a long time ago, September 1990 to be exact. While it was different and all, it wasn’t anything like this commercial. But in some weird and wacked out way, I kind of wish it was. If you lived in the 80s, you know this commercial from McDonald’s.

Commercial starts with the freshman class, probably in the auditorium, getting a quick intro to High School. That never happened with me when I was a freshman. When I started, after morning announcements, we went to first period. What an introduction! But I digress.

The commercial really kicks in after that. The jingle begins and you start seeing the issues the freshmen have on their first day. Let’s look at them all:

  1. Crowded hallways. Yea, I remember that. But my High School was about 25 years old and when you only have 3 minutes to get from one class to another, sometimes from one end of the school to the other, it can get hectic. Kind of miss that.
  2. Ah yes, the whole can’t get into my locker issue. Never had that issue. The lockers at my school didn’t have locks on them. If you wanted it locked, you brought in a lock. Unfortunately I did that with a key lock and forgot my key way to often. Thankfully, if you had a key lock, they made you bring in a spare to keep at the office. Lucky me.
  3. Yea, I can relate to the feeling really small part that is next. I was the shortest kid in my class until Junior year. I had a late growth spurt.
  4. I need your pass!!! The hall pass scene is awesome! I remember in Middle School, most teaches didn’t give passes, but made them out of old paddles, or a toy or something stupid like that. But in High School, you needed that paper. Never had kids patrolling where I went, it was always a teacher.
  5. Going up the wrong stairs. We only had two stair cases where I went, and kids went up and down both. Never seen anything like that. Anyone go to a school that had stairs that were only for going up or down like t his commercial?
  6. Ok, who goes to a water fountain like that? Seriously people, who, besides that kid, is that retarded? And the fountain is a little to powerful. In my school, you’d be lucky to get a trickle out sometimes.
  7. Wrong class? Never happened to me, but I know people who did that. Always good for a laugh at lunch, especially when it happens mid term, lol.

But what gets me, is that it takes all these kids one day to fix everything. The one kid figures out how to go up the down stairs. How about you go up the UP stairs? And the other kids finally figures out how to drink from the fountain. His reward to himself? Yea, popping his collar, so freakin 80s! But how does he open his locker, in one day he figures out that you got to bang it in a specific way. Yea, whatever.

But what a way to end the day. Wish my local McDonalds was in walking distance. I would have been there all the time! Well, if I had any money that is.

But I love this commercial, the jingle, the totally rad cloths, the hair, just every thing about it! Tell me about your first day of High School, if you can remember in the comments. Does it match up with this commercial?


3 responses to “First Day of School and McDonald’s

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  3. Hi,
    I think I remember that kid w/ the yellow sweater from the movie “Just One Of The Guys”…he was the brother of the lead female character. I think his name is Billy Jacoby? Is that him?

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