The BEST Christmas Commercial EVER!

I dare you, no, I double dog dare ya! That’s right, I double, no TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to find a better Christmas Commercial than the one below! If you have no idea which one I’m talking about, get ready to have your socks blown off! The classic McDonalds Christmas Commercial! If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve never had a TV in the 80’s or you’re like 5. Go, scroll down, watch it, then come back here and read. Ok, now that you saw it, there is only one word for it, wait for it… LEGENDARY! Yea, total Barney rip off from How I Met Your Mother, but hey, it works so well!

This commercial first aired in the early 1980’s, what year exactly I’m not sure. But I know they did show this commercial every Holiday Season for years. I believe they kept showing it well into the 90’s, though I’m not 100% sure about that. Why were they able to do it? Because it is so well done, and even though the clothing is early 80’s dated, the attitude of the commercial is what makes it timeless.

A younger boy is out on a pond with some older kids ice skating. He isn’t too good, probably his first time. Out in the distance who should appear, but it’s Ronald McDonald, skating like Brian Boitano. He happily skates up to the kids to skate and play with them. To bad the little boy isn’t very good at skating yet, because he missing out on the fun with Ronald and the older kids. So he ends up watching, with a sad smile, while a nice animated deer comes over to see if he’s ok. Ronald then decides to leave, but looks over at the sad little boy and decides to skate over and pick up the sad little boy, making him very happy. The older kids are jealous, but happy for the little boy as Ronald skates away with a smile and a wave for everyone.

There is no talking, just a simple holiday jingle and audibly gives the mood of the whole commercial. The simple holiday jingle is what makes this commercial so great! If the jingle would have been background music and they actors would have spoken, the commercial would not have been as beautiful as it is. I believe by just using music, they would call this an Artistic commercial. What ever you call it, it’s just freakin awesome!

This might be my last article until after Christmas. I live in Central PA and we had a horrible, not as bad as the Midwest US though, Ice Storm last weekend, and a tree limb came crashing down on my telephone/dsl line. They are suppose to fix it Friday, and if they do, I’ll try to put something out Saturday. If not, I might not post anything until after Christmas. If that is the case, may everyone who read this have a safe and happy Holiday Season!


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