Polaroid Christmas Commercial

There are commercials you see only once and you will never forget. On the other end, there are commercials you will see many times and never remember. This commercial I’m blogging on is one that when I saw it, I can remember seeing it all the time, but I did not remember it until watching it just recently.

In this, you have two young children who are determined to get a picture of Santa Clause. So they sneak downstairs, and rig up a Polaroid Camera on the base of their steps so that when he comes out the chimney, it will snap a photo of the big man and they will have their proof that Santa is real.

Their trap is set and they go upstairs to get some rest, and before they reach the top, CLICK, the camera takes its picture and the kids turn around to see their living room filled with presents. Santa came!! But the picture was taken and all that was left was a note from Santa, an empty plate that held cookies and an empty milk glass. Santa got away and not only got himself a delicious snack, but a photo of himself too.

Cute commercial, but seeing that I didn’t remember this until I saw it how many years later, it doesn’t have the staying power like many other 80’s commercials. I wish I could have put some memory to this commercial, but it’s not meant to be. Well, watch it yourself. If you have some memories tied to this commercial, I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment!


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