I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m a Toys ‘Я Us Kid

When you were younger, and when Christmas meant toys, everyone had their favorite place to look and ogle at them. For me, and the generation that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, we had Toys ‘Я Us! With those wonderful commercials highlighting the newest toy or hottest gaget, and their famous Christmas flyer that we would sit for hours with, dreaming and imagining opening some presents to fine one of those toys, Toys ‘Я Us was our holy place. I would spend hours looking through that flyer…I’d find a dozen or so toys I wanted, and imagined myself opening a gift and finding each one! And when I actually got to go to a Toys ‘Я Us, I was lost in a sea of happiness! But this isn’t about my Toys ‘Я Us experiences, it’s about a commercial.

This commercial I found is an oldie from the 80’s. I remember the three characters, but not this commercial. The jingle is a nice jingle, and had a hit of classic Christmas songs to it to sound familiar, but at the same time, it is its own song and it is puts me in a festive mood! The animation is totally 80’s and I love that.

The only problem I have with this commercial is that it is not like it’s usually commercials. Most Toys ‘Я Us commercials not only advertise the store, but a few toys as well. With this commercial, it is only advertising the story itself. I understand that is basically what commercials are for, but they do such a good job of showing a commercial for the store and some toys they are selling, that when they take the toys out and only show the store, I feel kind of robbed. Anyway, it is a nice commercial. Check it out and let me know what you think?!


One response to “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m a Toys ‘Я Us Kid

  1. Haha! That’s so good!

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