Peter makes it home in time for Christmas!

Some commercials are timeless. A company can make it for a Holiday or special event and they use it for years afterwards. The following commercial is one of those. I’ve seen this commercial for Folgers Coffee for years after if first aired. Let’s take a look at it.

It begins with a young man getting out of a taxi in front of a very nice, snow covered house. He goes in, so it must be his parents, and a young girl comes to great him as Peter. So we have Peter who made it home for the holidays. Because this is a commercial for coffee, how does he decide to wake up the family? Well, Peter and the young girl go to the kitchen and make a fresh pot of Folgers Coffee! I’ll tell you what, that always wakes me up in the morning…to bad I have to make it first and that the smell of it brewing doesn’t wake me up. Oh well, it’s a commercial.

Well, looks like Peter’s Mother smelled the wonderful aroma in the air and wakes up, surprised by the smell. Now worried by if it’s a robber, or a stalker, she looks over to her husband who looks at her like, “I’ll go check.” I hate it when my wife makes me do that, so I’m sure he’s in a fowl mood. What, he’s happily coming down the steps, with wife and daughter? Yea, commercial writers really are in touch with reality. But hey, it is a commercial, and a nice one at that, so I’ll let it pass.

Once at the bottom of the steps, they are greeted by Peter caring a tray with the fresh Folgers Coffee and they rush to him. Yea, I kinda make fun at this commercial, but it really is nice and I still smile at the cheesiness of it.

Anyone out there ever get up for Christmas, or any other day to the smell of Coffee being brewed? Hell, anyone get woken up ANY day by ANY smell coming out of the kitchen? When I say smell, I mean a nice one, not bad like a fire or something horrible like that.


One response to “Peter makes it home in time for Christmas!

  1. I see the link is dead. Here is the version I have uploaded.

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