Mr. Wizard’s World

This show was awesome! Growing up, I had Nickelodeon on quite a bit. It was one of the few cable channels I didn’t have to quickly change when my parents came in the room. Back in the 80’s, there were so many wonderful shows on that, when I see a picture or see a clip, bring a smile to my eye. From the likes of Pinwheel, Today’s Special, The Little Prince, Danger Mouse, You Can’t Do That On Television, Double Dare and so much more, those truly were the Retro Days of Nickelodeon. Now, many shows they showed then, like Today’s Special, The Little Prince, Lassie, Dennis the Menace, You Can’t Do That On Television, and Danger Mouse were not created by Nick for Nick, like many of their shows of today, but that’s probably one of the reason why kicked so much ass back then. But this past week, I was surfing though old Nick TV Shows and came across to this:

Mr. Wizard’s World…the best show ever, and I mean EVER, to entertain kids and teach them about science at the same time. Can anyone out there who ever watched the show seriously say they didn’t try to do at least one of the things from it?

The one I remember trying the most, was when he challenged the kid to cut a hole in a piece of paper and jump through it. It was interesting. The kid cut a hold in it and obviously, was too big to get through it. He then when to show that if you fold it and cut it in a particular way, you can open it up and easily walk though it. Blew my flippin mind!

I could never make it as nice as he did, probably because you need patience to cut all the strips you need to cut, and as a kid, no way did I have that. But that didn’t stop me from watching the show. It was just mind blowing watching all this done. What we need today is a show like this. There use to be Bill Nye the Science Guy, but that show (which was pretty darn cool too) isn’t on the are anymore. Yes, there use to be Beakman’s World, but that show just sucked.


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