Oreo’s Christmas Commercial

I saw this commercial on Youtube the other day. Wonderful commercial it is. I can remember watching this one when I was younger and re-watching it took me back.

It starts off with a little boy going down stairs on Christmas Eve and I’m guessing he is going to stay up to see Santa. He sits down on a chair right beside where he has set out the cookies, wonderful Oreo Cookies, and milk as well as a nice class of milk. Of course, being so young, he is unable to stay awake. Shortly after falling asleep, the big man himself arrives and after spying the cookies and milk, decides to take a break. Eating those Oreo Cookies delays the big guy while he is brought back to his youth. As the young boy starts to stir, it brings Santa back to reality and he makes his escape, just in time, and the little boys missing seeing him. But that’s ok, because the cookies and milk are gone and that means he was here and the little boy is happy. It’s a wonderful commercial even if I do say so myself. Buy why? Let’s look:

  1. It has a wonderful jingle with it. Added is the little boy saying he’s just going to rest for a minute, it’s wonderful. I know I say it all the time, but I miss the jingles from the 80s. There was never a better time for jingles.
  2. The story was cute and very well done. Shows the kid excited about Christmas and seeing Santa…what kid didn’t at least once try to wait up? The wonderful part is even though he didn’t see the big man, he didn’t get upset, but was still overjoyed to see that he ate the cookies!
  3. Makes me actually want some Oreos! Come one, watch the gosh darn thing and tell me, in this Christmas Season, you couldn’t go for a couple of Oreos? Now, I love mine nice and stale and soft, so if I buy a pack now, I’ll need to open it right away and not touch it for a week, but hey, I can wait 😀

Anyone remember this commercial? I dare say it is a classic. Come, tell me about your attempts to stay up late and see Santa. Did you leave him cookies, milk, and some carrots for the Reindeer? I did, but my story will have to wait. Until then, sit back and enjoy some Oreo Cookies and Milk.


One response to “Oreo’s Christmas Commercial

  1. Not sure if it runs outside Canada but there is a wonderful B&W spot running for Milk’s Favourite Cookie this year. It features small boy and Santa drinking (and spilling) milk with their Oreos. Music is “Deck the Halls”. Very well produced spot!

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