Classic M&Ms Christmas Commercial – 1980s

The clock barely reaches 12:00 Midnight on the day after Thanksgiving that stores are opening up, and a mad frenzy of people swarm stores all over the country to start their Christmas Shopping.And in the past, that was the mark of something else special…Christmas Commercials.Today, commercials for Christmas start about a week before Thanksgiving even arrives, totally obliterating the few that use to be made for it.Ok, gotta let go of Thanksgiving, it’s done.Need to leave that until next year.

The following commercial is an 80s classic!This M&M’s treat is a commercial that always use to bring out the Holiday spirit for me.It’s a wonderful commercial with a family celebrating the holidays.Family and Friends, wonderful conversation and laughs, and a bowl full of M&M Candies.There are kids waiting by the fire, dressed warmly in holiday attire as it snows outside.I dare you to watch this commercial and tell me you didn’t get swept up into the Holiday mood.

Well, through the Christmas season, I’ll be spending Mondays and Wednesday reviewing Christmas theme commercials.If you have a favorite that you want me to review, point me towards it on Youtube or wherever and I’ll do my best to review it.


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