Carvel Thanksgiving Cake!

Turkey day is almost upon us and in my search for some Thanksgiving themed commercials, I found almost none. It’s very depressing. When I was younger, you would always see a few, and usually they were for grocery stores going on about their wonderful sales. I remember one in my area, Central Pennsylvania, for a super market. It had a lady showing the different foods she cooked and then went on to show that their store had those items and that they were on sale and what not. Nothing fancy, but damn it, it put me in the mood! Today what do we have? We have commercials for Christmas that actually started a week or so ago. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Alright, sorry about my little rant. Found a commercial for Carvel’s Thanksgiving Turkey Ice Cream cake on Not seeing it on Youtube, I loaded it up there for this entry.

Back in the 80’s, you’d always see commercials for Carvel, especially around different holidays. They have Turkey cakes for Thanksgiving, and their old stand by, Puss-n-Boots decorated for different other holidays. They had Santa’s and Egg’s for Easter. This commercial isn’t really anything special about it. It’s the only one I found for Thanksgiving that had a Retro Feel to it. If you have a special Thanksgiving commercial, leave me a comment on where it is, and I’ll write about it for Wednesday. If not, I’ll try and find something. Might not be retro, but god damn it, it will be about Thanksgiving!!!


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