Burger King Commercial – 1990s

Continuing my Burger King week, let’s go up in time another decade to the 1990s. Notice something missing in this commercial? Anyone? There is no jingle! That’s right, the 1980’s perfected the jingle and the 1990’s took it away. So, needless to say, I dislike this commercial…A LOT!

First, no talk about food, just talk about the free glasses give away. If I’m going out to eat, I’m not going to choose a fast food joint because of some free glasses. Granted, it is Coca Cola glasses, and there are many Coca Cola collectors out there. But your average Joe isn’t going to choose Burger King for a free glass. They should have focused on the food, and as an after thought brought up the glasses. That would give the average Joe extra incentive to come, and would be enough to get the collectors out there interested as well.

Second, the reason why people got the glasses is LAME! Mom got a neat glass, why? Is it because she is a wonderful mother? Nope. It’s because it was free. Yea, that is how kid’s minds work, but come on!

Another mom is so excited by them, she stacking the classes up (she does realize they are very breakable, right) and talking about going back that night to get a set of 12. Ok, if my Mom would have done that, I think we would have talk about taking her to the local psyche ward. I don’t know too many rational moms who would feed their kids greasy fast food twice a day. Granted, if I was a kid and my mom would have done that, I would have been all up for it, but let’s get real, it isn’t happening!

Next a Bride and Groom are opening their gifts and if my Aunt Rose gave me those glasses, I’d make sure next Christmas that she’d get the lamest and cheapest give I could ever think of. Heck, I’d do that for every Christmas from then on. What a lame wedding gift.

Looking at the commercial, is it any wonder why Burger King can’t catch McDonald’s?

Well, there ends my Burger King week. Next week I’ll be reviewing some Thanksgiving commercials. Only found one good one, so if you know of any good one’s, leave a comment and I’ll check it out.


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