Burger King Commercial – 1980s

Continuing my Burger King week, let’s go up in time a decade to the 1980s. The following commercial is one if the few Burger King commercials that I researched that I actually remember. With the snippets of its wonderful “Aren’t you hungry for Burger King now” jingle, it really is a wonderful 80’s commercial.

The subject of the commercial is a dorky looking guy progressing thought life with the different kinds of burgers Burger King serves. A regular hamburger as a kid, then a cheese burger as a teen, then a double cheese burger as a young adult, and finally a double cheese burger with BACON! Bacon always makes the fast food burgers better, as long as they don’t over cook it.

Let’s not forget that its flame broiled, see that little flame that the burger glides over? Cut to them slicing the cheese, is it just me or is that cheese not very appetizing. And finally, row upon row of bacon sizzling on the griddle! Finally, all put together to make the scrumptious looking Double Bacon Cheese Burger! Man, I’m actually hungry for one now.

Anyway, to finish it all out, you see the boy, who is now the man, eating a Double Bacon Cheese Burger with his son. I know his son is younger and smaller, but look at the two burgers…the kids looks much bigger!!!

Off the commercial for a second, but when Burger King and McDonald’s began adding bacon to their cheese burgers, that was a day that should be celebrated each year. A holiday should be created! All that grease and meat go so well together. Yea, you better stop over at the Emergency Room to get a cholesterol check, and possible bypass surgery, but its just too damn good not to get one once and a while.


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