Burger King Commercial – 1970s

This week, I thought I’d move to Fast Food commercials. I don’t know too many people, who when growing up, were not captivated by the different fast food commercials. I was enthralled with McDonald’s because friends of mine would always be going there. I’d see them at their house playing with their newly acquired Happy Meal Toys and I was always left out. Across town, we had a Burger King until the mid 1980s. We didn’t get out that way much, but when we did, I always wondered what it was like. Not until they built a new one in the Early 90’s did I get a chance to try it out, but I would always see commercials for it and wonder. So this week, I thought I’d check out three Burger King Commercials. I’ll look at one from the 1970s, one from the 1980s, and one from the 1990s, to see how they changed each decade. Today we’ll start with the 1970s.

This is an old cartoon version of the King commercials. Its animated with that distinct 70s feel to it. The drawing very cartoonish and exaggerated, but it feels comfortable. Stepping into my inner kid, I’m not sure if this commercial would get me interested in Burger King, and I’m not sure I’d find the humor in this funny. But I know that if I were a kid back then, and saw this and found it today, it has a feel to it that I know I’d look back on it in a good way.

So, for you 70’s children, take a trip back. For everyone else, check it out, it still a fun watch!


One response to “Burger King Commercial – 1970s

  1. Fantastic! I have not seen this since the old days.

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