Big Red Gum!

Continuing my Wrigley’s gum week, here is a commercial for Big Red Gum. I wasn’t a fan of this commercial growing up, but for some reason I was always drawn to it. Maybe it was because of the couple’s kissing, and kissing, and kissing. I’m not sure why, because back then I was a prepubescent kid and was totally discussed by girls.

But I digress, so onto the commercial.

The commercial starts off nice, showing how much bigger Big Red being compared to its competition (Dentyne). It’s HUGE! So must mean more flavor and of course totally earned its BIG name. Then it is on to the kissing and hugging, and repeating the kissing and hugging, again, and again. The point of it being that you can do all these longer because Big Red gum will mask your horrible decision at lunch to eat all that garlic and your significant other will only taste the wonderful cinnamon flavor of Big Red. Uh, I guess so. What ever you think about the scene’s they taped, the jingle is quite catchy and fun, and that is a big plus to this commercial, and commercials of the 80’s.

Anyone out there have an experience where you, or someone you know, popped in some Big Red and got some wonderful smooching action? I never really chew gum, so I can’t elaborate with myself, but if anyone else can, put it in the comments.


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