Twins…must be Doublemint Gum!

It seems like in the 80’s, all commercials for any Wrigley’s gum features a group of attractive young adults doing exciting outdoor activities. Continuing my Wrigley’s gum week, here is a commercial for Doublemint Gum. In this, you see twin sisters at what looks like a country club like pool. You can tell it’s a Country Club because of the nice pool, the nice surroundings and it’s all beside THE OCEAN! So there they are, walking around and see the snack stand.

Sister One: Ooh, snack stand. What ever should we get?

Sister Two: To keep this killer figure, you know we can’t eat…let’s get some Doublemint Gum instead!

Cut to the two attractive, with nothing between the ears, men making googly eyes at the twins. Now, cut back to the twins getting their gum and laughing with the candy guy. I wonder if they know that he still lives in his parent’s basement? Now, as they place a stick of gum in their mouths…OH NO, their flimsy hats fall off! Oh wait, the two gorgeous, though extremely dumb guys stop staring long enough to grab the hats and give them back to the gals. How will they reward them? That’s right, with some gum. Hmm, maybe they weren’t staring at the girls, but at their gum?

Totally stupid, totally 80s, so yea, I totally love it. Why go to all the lengths of making fun of something I loved. It’s so much fun to make fun of the 80s.

So, what did this commercial do for me back then? Absolutely nothing, nadda, ziltch. Yes, I did chew Doublemint…mainly because my Grandmother always had some and she’d give it to me to shut me up. Yes it was good, and yes I chewed, but I did because it was good, and cheap, but you know hear that in the commercial. Oh well, enjoy the commercial below, lol.


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