Tootsie Roll Looks Good to Me!

Every time I watch this commercial now, I am brought back to my childhood. More specifically; the cartoons I use to watch after school or on Saturday mornings. This commercial brings back so many great memories from the 80’s, I’ve always assumed that this commercial is from the 80’s. Not until I posted this commercial on YouTube, and put in the comments that it was from the 80’s, did someone correct me, letting me know that it was from the 70’s. Doesn’t matter to me, it will always trigger happy cartoon watching from the 80’s to me.

Something I’ve always known, but by doing this blog, is that the jingles from older commercials are so much better then the jingles of today. The jingle from this commercial is classic, and watching it then and even today, you will be singing it hours later. That is the mark of a great commercial, if you can remember it hours later, humming, singing or whatever, the jingle, you will want that treat. I think I’ll watch the commercial one more time and then go off and find myself some Tootsie Roll. I can already taste them!


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