All the World loves M&M

This is one of my favorite commercials from the 1980’s. The computer, the cloths, the hair (remember the feathered hair from back then?), and the jingle, transports me right back. This commercial is pre 1987, because back in 1976, all the red candies were taken out because of a scare with the dye that was used to make them red. Also you’ll notice they have the Tan colors. If you look for tan today, you’ll notice they are gone. Why? Replaced them with Blue. Never understood why they had brown and tan. I always use to sort them out by color and I always ate the brown and tan one first; to plain.

Another thing to check out is the M&M’s break dancing. Cracks me up.

I do believe this is the first in a line of commercials that you see the M&M’s chocolate centers, diving into and swimming around in a chocolate pool before getting out and hitting the showers to get their colorful shells. I don’t know why, but I always loved that part.

Watch the video and tell me what things you see in there that exemplify the 80’s?


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