Encyclopedia Britannica

Some people call this the most annoying commercial of the 80’s. Some, like me, thought it was neither good nor bad when I first saw it. And a few, mostly adults I’m sure, thought it was wonderful. Yes, the Encyclopedia Britannica commercial. This kid had a report due on space and used Encyclopedia Britannica to chalk it full of information that he only got a B+, all because he found SOOOOO much information, he overloaded it. Very Corny.

But watching it now, it brings me back to being in late elementary school and I distinctly remember, quietly I might add, that it would be cool to get those encyclopedias. I loved learning about space, and would take any opportunity to look at a book or even an encyclopedia to read up about different planets and stars. Looking back, this commercial was kinda corny, but it holds a special place in the 80’s section of my heart.


One response to “Encyclopedia Britannica

  1. I LOVED that series of commercials!
    Always thought that guy eas so cool! lol
    And I like the frame you use a the video’s title: him rubbing his jaw.
    That’s an iconic point for that series of commercials!

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