Bonkers bonks you out!

If you are a kid from the 80’s, you know all about this candy, that looks like gum, but didn’t quite work to well. Bonkers is a candy that came in packs that looked like gum, was soft and chewy, but you didn’t keep chewing. They came in combo flavors, like strawberry and banana, and watermelon and lemon, and things like that. The problem was, it tasted just like gum, buy you wanted to keep chewing and chewing, but it didn’t have any gum base and wouldn’t last, because it wasn’t gum! The commercials were better than the candy. You see the actor pop a piece of it in their mouth, and what ever flavor they ate, that piece of fruit came down and “Bonked” them. Very 80’s feel to it. If I remember correctly, I hated this commercial when I was younger, but now, it’s all retro and cooler.


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