Colgate Pump

“We got the Colgate Pump. We love the Colgate Pump.” Either you love this commercial, or you down right hate it, (There are no in-betweens here) you will have that song stuck in your brains for hours, if not days. But, I love this commercial anyway. It SCREAMS 80’s, and as you’ll find out, I LOVE the 80’s!

First, listen to the song. Very corny, and only in the 80’s could this have been put into a commercial. Second, the kids screams 80’s! The clothing, the hair, and their accessories all say 80’s. But again, that is what makes this commercial rock!

I remember coming home from school and sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons until my Mom came home, and this commercial would be on at least once. Once I saw this, I HAD TO HAVE THE COLGATE PUMP. Needless to say, the toothpaste wasn’t any different then out of a tub, only it seemed like it was messier and once you got need the end, you had to not only push the button at the top, but also underneath the tube to get the stuff out. After going through two or three pumps, yea, it was lame. But the commercial still holds a special place in my heart.


One response to “Colgate Pump

  1. padraig odochartaigh

    This song is “Baggy Trousers” by Madness.

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